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2003 Special Constitutional Amendment Election

A special constitutional amendment election is scheduled for September 9, 2003, so that Alabamians may cast their vote on Governor Bob Riley"s tax and accountability package.

Calendar of Important Dates
July 28 45-day report due from Political Committees raising or spending funds to influence the outcome of the election
August 29 Voter registration cut-off
September 2 1st day to file 10/5-day report from Political Committees raising or spending funds to influence the outcome of the election
September 4 Last day to file 10/5-day report from Political Committees raising or spending funds to influence the outcome of the election
Last day to apply for an absentee ballot
September 9 Election
September 24 Certification of election results; click to view the county-level results or the precinct-level results.

The constitutional amendment which will appear on the ballot is proposed by legislative Act 2003-78. To read the Act, click here.

Ballot Language

Shall the following Amendment be adopted to the Constitution of Alabama?

Proposed Statewide Amendment Number One (1)

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, establishing the Alabama Excellence Initiative Fund which may be used to fund programs including, but not limited to, the furtherance of excellence in public education, college scholarships, health care benefits for senior citizens and job training programs to attract new high paying jobs and otherwise provide for distributing state tax revenues; to adjust income and property taxes; to establish the General Fund Rainy Day Account; to provide for the replenishment of the General Fund Rainy Day Account and the Education Trust Fund Rainy Day Account. (Proposed by Act No. 2003-78)


Please note that Governor Riley's package consists of several acts that were passed by the Alabama Legislature. If the constitutional amendment is proposed by the voters, these other acts will go into effect as well. These additional acts are:
101 - To limit credits allowed insurance companies
102 - To clarify the definition of taxable income
103 - Relating to the Teacher Tenure Act
105 - Board of Education to create program for payments to teachers and for scholarships
106 - Relating to the Fair Dismissal Act
107 - To increase the rates of mortgage and deed recording taxes
108 - To increase rates of the utility gross receipts & utility service use taxes
109 - To increase the tax on cigarettes
110 - State to pay tuition of any qualified student for higher and postsecondary education
111 - Pertaining to Foundation Program of public schools to update funding formulas/disbursement
112 - To amend Teacher Accountability Act
113 - To prohibit public funds from being passed through from one entity to another by Legislature
114 - "School Fiscal Management and Responsibility Act"
115 - To repeal the deduction for federal income taxes
116 - Relating to individual and corporate income tax to provide funding for public education
117 - To provide for sharing the cost of health insurance premiums by state employees and retirees
118 - To eliminate the lubricating oil tax and exemption from sales and use tax
119 - To update the method of determining current use valuation of property

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